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English Speaker's Mistake Nine

Spel it Write!

An unpopular boss sent out the following email to all employees:
"It is important that we consistantly maintain a professional image in internal communication. You technicians are deifinately not using your spell-checker.."  
Explanation: English spelling can be very difficult with so many different ways to spell similar sounds. I think this boss is a little too worried about spelling, but then she made TWO spelling mistakes herself! (Did you find them?) Most computers have spell-checkers that will tell you when you have made a mistake, but they don't work perfectly. For example, if I wrote "Two boys were leaving their house" as "Too buoys wear living there house", a spell-checker would not find any of the five mistakes! (^_^) [The mistakes made by the boss were "consistently" and "definitely". Also, I put two spelling mistakes in the title. Of course, it should be "Spell it Right". Right?]

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